Xbox live goes offline when i try to play a game

I have been having this problem only for a day so far. I first noticed this problem when i tried to play the new Resident Evil Racoon City online.  When i sign into my profile everything is fine i get connected to live.  But when i go to play a game like CODM3 i get disconnected from live as soon as i hit the main menu.  This happens on every game i don't know whats been happening especially since everything was just working fine last night.  while i'm at the main menu i can go back to the dashboard and it will reconnect itself and i can text friends and join online parties to voice chat. The weird thing about this is i use a wired connection and there is only one console.  My brother and i both use this console with different profiles.  The odd thing is that my brothers profile works fine with no problems but mine doesn't and we both use the same network.  I tested the connection and it says i can connect to live but my NAT type is moderate.  I have been using the moderate NAT type for a long time now with no issues even with CODM3 and it is also what my brother uses.  I tried turning on the UPNP and that didn't work i tried restarting my modem and router and still didn't work. I haven't tried port forwarding yet because i didn't know what i was doing and i don't want to mess my brothers profile up .I don't know how to change NAT type, don't know much about this stuff.  It sounds complicated from the research i been doing online.  This is all kind of funny because i asked some of my friends who know more about this stuff than i do and when i tell them whats going on i always get the same answer which is "WHAT?" .I am using a Westell 7500 modem hooked up to Vonage router.  If anyone has any ideas i am open to them, i am very frustrated because i been working on this for 6 to 8 hours and haven't gone anywhere except for learning this networking stuff a little bit.


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