Xbox Live game server disconnects/unavailable

My router: Linksys WRT160N Wireless-N router

As far as this problem, I have already covered:

-NAT is open

-4-bar connection

-Channel 4 to avoid wireless interference from other electronics

-MTU settings are set properly

-Router is in elevated position on 1st floor, Xbox 360 is near ground-level on 2nd floor


Xbox live, in most of it's entirety, works fine on my new wireless set up. There were NO problems before when I ran a wired connection from the router, but have since been forced to utilize a Wireless-N external adapter as a wired connection is currently not possible.

Connecting to Xbox live is not an issue; except for the occasional disconnect. I do not experience lag.

The problem is that within games, they always have problems contacting the game's server. For instance, in Halo Reach; I will be booted out of matchmaking due to networking issues; I'll get messages saying the server is temporarily unavailable, and at the end of games my credits will be calculated like I'm in offline mode. This happens about 33.3% of the time.

In Modern Warfare 3, I will occasionally be kicked out of matchmaking, and even mid-game, saying the server is currently unavailable.

In Soul Calibur 5 it never connects to the server, and often fails to join game lobbies, and when I do, it can't connect to the host.

My computer is located a few feet away from my Xbox 360, and also uses a wireless connection to the router. It has not experienced any connection issues. The Xbox 360 is the only one doing so.



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