Xbox Live for Kids

Hi I'm wondering if it's possible for my son who is six to get and Xbox live bronze membership?  I've got a gold one, is there some way it can be done through that?


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With a great amount of supervision, and utilizing the Family Settings provided to you, the Family Gold membership would be your best bet.


I suppose what I meant to say was without buying the Family Gold package

Sorry, that is not possible.


Why not just set up a silver account for your kid? They wont be able to play on Xbox Live with that account, unless you upgrade it later. But, they will have their own gamertag and gamerscore etc.

Hi Zombie, how do I do that? They need to have a valid live email address don't they?  But you can't do that unless they're over 18?

If you have a hotmail account you can create a alias email that would work for an email for him.

@Weapon90 it would still be your account, as Covert said, you can set up a hotmail or gmail or other free email account if you don't already have a second email account you can use.

The Xbox account will still be YOURS, as you have to agree to the TOU etc and a little kid isn't able to agree to that themselves. Just set it up in the same way you set up your gamertag. You will be responsible for it, but then your kid can play on that profile.

Thanks guys!