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Microsoft has made so many changes, and over hyped so much stuff, that I just don't know what to believe anymore.  I want to get some things clarified. Because so far, my experience have been per utter crap...

I have purchased games, movies, and music on the Xbox 360. I cannot re-acquire some of  those purchased games, or re-acquire any of the movies & music I previously purchased. I called support, and the purchase history doesn't go back far enough(2010) to prove I purchased these products. Although, I do realize that the music I purchased cannot be re-downloaded after some time(which is why I canceled my music pass when I found out). Now I can't even re-download or access movies that I purchased.

That being said, why in the hell would I purchase anything else from Xbox Live? Has anyone else have these problems? I feel that when I spend my hard earned money on something, I should be able to keep it, not have the purchase basically be a long term rental. 

Yesterday, my daughter turned 6, so I bought her Disney Infinity. I created a Microsoft Account, and Xbox Live(silver) account for her. To put myself has her parent, so I could have parental restrictions for her, but to prove I was an adult, I had to pay 50 cents to Microsoft. WHY? YOU ALREADY KNOW I"M AN ADULT! I already pay for my own gold account, purchase things regularly, you have my credit card on file, yet I had to be charged 50 cents to put her account under mine just to say I'm her parent?

I used to have the Family Gold pack, but Microsoft canned that. Which really hurt us 360 owners. Xbox One owners get to have a home console for everyone to use gold services on, but us 360 owners got left in the dark. Not only do we NOT get a home console, but our paid Family Pack options were removed.

Lately, I've been wrestling over some security issues. When I visit my Microsoft account online, it keeps asking me for my password. WHY? Every two or three links I click I have to enter my password. It's annoying! Then there is the issue with Xbox Live Sign-in. It keep asking me to verify by adding more emails & phone numbers. I already have 3 emails and 2 phone numbers listed on my account. WHY, does it continue to prompt me? It's annoying! I purchased a pre-paid phone just to add a number to it in hopes that it would stop asking. Today, it kept kicking me out saying there is a problem with my account. So I contacted support, and they say nothing is wrong. It's annoying!

Then there is the Microsoft points issue. It was recently converted to currency. I have a little bit  cash on my account that will probably never get used. Yet in 2015, I'll lose it. So my options are, add money to it and buy something, or Microsoft is just going to out-right take it without compensation. WTF? I feel like I'm being strong-armed here. Heck, I that is even border-line stealing. I wonder how much Microsoft is going to make in 2015 after taking everyone's left-over change in their account?

I don't have a Xbox One yet and really wanted one, but I'm seriously considering not getting one and canceling my Xbox Live Membership.


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Xbox Movies and Music:
Frankly I'm surprised that any content licenses would simply expire when they're full purchases.  Is the content still available in the marketplace?  If it was removed, that's one thing, but if the content is still there, it seems that your account should still retain the license for it.  Are you sure you're logged into the same account you used to purchase the movies?  Might be worth another call to Xbox Customer Support.  They should be able to look back to the beginning of your account.  No purchase is hidden from them.

Adult Verification:
The adult verification thing is Microsoft's compliance with COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) which requires businesses to confirm an adult's consent to have their child's information collected.   The most commonly used method of online age verification is a small fee to the credit card.  This is not unique to Microsoft.  Microsoft does not keep the money.  Part of it pays the bank's transaction fee (because any transfer of money comes at cost), and the rest of the $.50 goes toward charity, namely the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.

Family Pack:
Once upon a time, there was no Family Pack.  Everyone paid $59.99 a year for their own Gold (or they opted for Monthly $9.99 payments, or Quarterly $24.99, though I have no idea why).  Then, a few years ago, Xbox introduced the Family Pack, which dropped the price significantly to get groups of people online.  But this system was abused.  Accounts that were broken into were converted into Family Packs, and dummy accounts were added to the Family Pack in order to add points to the child account, then disassociate it from the Family.  These dummy accounts could move from Family Pack to Family Pack, collecting points before either the points were spent by the thieves themselves, or the account was sold to another party.  So now we have no Family Pack on the 360.  Hopefully, that will change someday.  But for now, yes, we have to return to the old style of shelling out for each account.  Either stick with annual because it's the cheapest, or use promotional sales to offset the cost.  That's my recommendation there.

You need to make sure the security proofs on your account are fully verified.  Unverified proofs aren't really proofs at all, and can't be used to get you back into your account if you get locked out.  If there is an error on your account, however, I would expect an error code.  If you have one, check that out with Xbox Customer Support.

Microsoft Account Balance:
The currency that is set to expire is also set to be used first before any other currency.  If you have only a small amount of currency, and you're worried about not being able to spend it, don't sweat it.  If you try to buy something with your credit card, it will offer to let you use the online currency first, and then cover the difference with your credit card.

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