Xbox Live Event Player on Xbox One?

I was watching the Oscars this evening (gotta love Ellen) & it got me thinking...

One of the things I liked about Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 was the Live Event Player that would occasionally stream important live events like the political debate & so on... I think it would be nice to bring that back on the Xbox One (& continue it on the Xbox 360) with even more live events, potentially like the Oscars, Superbowl, etc. Naturally, they may have to get special permissions or pay a lot of money to do it of course, but I'm fairly certain the amount of viewers they could get would be worth the asking price. What do you guys think?

Should they bring the Xbox Live Event Player to the Xbox One?
Should they stream even more live events?
What kind of live events would you like to see streamed?


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I could be wrong but i believe i read somewhere that the patch in march has this live event app.

political debates aint important to me i hate politics i do hope for live event player though glad to see 12 years a slave won showing british dominance at the Oscars

I bet we'll get it before e3.


More seriously,i think we will have it for next E3,maybe PAX east.....About none gaming related,that depend of the event and in which country.