I am being harassed by a gamer. I don't use Xbox and do not have an Xbox live account. This person has put my phone number up multiple times. I have received disturbing calls and I have called 1800MYXBOX for help. It has been going on for almost a full month. Today after calling 1800MYXBOX again I was told that I need to contact the enforcement team. I'm hoping that someone can help me and reprimand this gamer. The person who has put my phone number - personal information detrimental to my safety and privacy - up online has caused others to call me non stop. I don't feel comfortable or safe with this happening. I have a screen shot and the Gamer tag of the person harassing me and can provide that if needed.


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Unfortunately phone support has mislead you. There is no area on the forum where you can gain the type of help you seek.

The only places the Enforcement Team view are 15 - My LIVE account was suspended and 16 - My console was banned. You could try posting in one of those boards but given there nature you still might not get the help you seek.

All we can suggest here as regular users of the forum is to follow the information posted here START HERE for help reporting users and how to handle harassment!. and since you don't have a 360, that wont help.

@XboxSupport on twitter has told me that you should either send them a Direct Message with the gamertag of the person harassing you or send it to a forum moderator who will be able to pass it up the chain.

Forum moderators are folk with M or sometimes V as their level. You can find one in this thread To send aka Scratch a message, click on the little envelope icon under their post.

I would also like to include that with my phone number this person has included a picture sexual in nature.


Here is my advice.  Take it or leave it as I say.  Dealing with scams from other sources and things like that.  Please change your number and contact the local police.  The Enforcement department at Xbox can only do so much by possibly banning the player or even using the IP address from his Xbox to block him for Xbox Live.  Please do as I say change your number and contact the local authorities.  It may sound weird, but if you can get the numbers from the people calling you from Caller ID and give it to the police, and they can actually contact authorities where ever those people are and have harassment charges brought against them.  It will get ugly for them.

Good luck.

I've already went over the "Start here" post and since I do not have an XBOX live account and cant get on a console, I cant follow any of those instructions (Unless Ive misread something - forgive me. Im on 2 hours sleep and Im sick with the flu). I can not send private messages to members on the forum since I do not have a "GOLD" account... What a joke.

I JUST got my number. I have to pay 45 dollars to change it again. And the police have already been notified.

I would like this member banned or reprimanded.


Thank you for the information. I dont use twitter. Is there another way to contact them?

Found the little envelope. Sorry its taken me so long. Im a very tired cranky girl rite now and Im at the end of my patience. Thank you for your help.

No problem. I hope you get the help you need.

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