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This may have already been discussed somewhere but I just wanted to hear some opinions about something that annoys me a little...

When DLC is released for a game with XBox LIVE, these locked achivements are automatically added to your profile if you own the original game. Even if you have no intention of downloading additional gameplay features. Would it not make more sense to make these achivements appear on your profile upon PURCHASE of said required DLC? It seems a little unfair that achivements are added to your profile when you cannot obtain them until you have made a purchase?? We would all be a little more than annoyed if locked achivements were added to our profiles from games we neither own nor intend to? Also, is there any way to disable this other than to never go online or download an update again?

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No, there's no way to disable it. I for one don't mind, since it's an easy way of seeing what games have new content available.

I just wish the developers would take more time to label each achievement. IE: Single player, Online, DLC. It would be more organized that way and overall easier to understand which achievements you can acquire.

It doesn't bother me. I just make sure I buy the dlc.