Xbox Live Disconnecting?

Hey guys, I'm sure this question has been asked a billion times, but I have yet to solve my problem. I keep getting kicked off xbox live every 5 minutes roughly. For example, when playing Halo 4 I won't get disconnected in matchmaking when I'm playing against 10 other people, however, I do get disconnected when I'm playing campaign or even just sitting idle at the main menu. I even get kicked off Netflix constantly, but when I use it on my laptop it's fine. I have an ethernet cable that plugs directly from my xbox into my router, and I have even plugged the ethernet cable straight into the wall, and they problem persists. I'm wondering if it has to do with my ISP: my results from are 1.86 download .64 upload and 114 ping (fluctuates between 80 and 115). Any suggestions will help, I have tried messing with my router but don't think it has anything to do with it because when I plug it straight into the wall the problem is still there. And yes, I have tried resetting my modem and router.


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[quote user="Rise and Fire"]I'm wondering if it has to do with my ISP: my results from are 1.86 download .64 upload and 114 ping (fluctuates between 80 and 115). [/quote]More then likely, yes it is your ISP Package. It's pretty bad and would not support much more then one Device Connected at a time. Especially if you are using any Applications that are dependent on Connection Speeds (UL/ DL).

The best I would recommend is using just one Device. Unplug your PC completely and use only the Modem alone with the Xbox 360. If the problems still persist, you should get a faster ISP.

Ok, Thank you. I thought my isp had something to do with it. I guess I'll have to call them up and complain. Thanks again

I have the same exact problem. I often get disconnected when I am not playing online with other people. I called Xbox and found out that my router is the problem. Apparently, if your router is made by ARRIS then you're screwed.

having the same issue tonight. Has been fine until tonight. Now getting dropped from xbox live in mid game about every 20 minutes and when I try to connect again I get cant connect to xbox live.... test your connection. But instead I try to connect again and I get in. Play for about 20 minutes and get dropped again....

My NAT is open.

Getting the same thing after applying the latest update tonight.  I've never had issues before.

nvm, didn't see the other thread about the update issues

im having the same problem if i join a party chat to it cuts me off xbox live ever since the update and its just getting worse as time goes on any ideas