Xbox Live Customer Support-Rude and Unhelpful....Again

I have Spent almost a month trying to recover a gamer tag that has close to 1000 dollars worth of games attached to it. I have the login information and the password but apparently that is not enough information.  We are unable to get into the original email now and we have gone round and round with xbox customer support trying to figure out the next step. Why can they not just look at the account and see that my name and credit card info is attached to it? I tried to get the rep to connect me to his boss countless times but he would not direct me to his manager or offer any other options. I have spent so much money with microsoft and cannot believe they are willing to lose me as a customer over some old xbox 360 games. Apparently my purchases are lost and there is nothing more they can do? That, I will not accept.

Here is what I need,

A manager that has the ability to help me. Contact me in response to this posting.


Someone with some advice or a direct phone number that can get me through to someone with enough pull. NOT ANOTHER RUDE LOW LEVEL JERK. (he said his name was Jeskn)

Please help, I really need a hero on this one.

It seems like they make their security so complex that they are hoping to burn you out of your purchases, If they cant restore my games why not offer a refund? Im sure that will never happen either.

I will update my posting with any further developments, assume if you hear nothing, my problems were not resolved and they were willing to throw away another life-long customer.

Luke Drouin


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