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I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere so I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone knew.

I have a PS3 with a few games that I never use anymore, along with a load of Xbox 360 Games I'm never going to play when the Xbox One comes out. I want to trade them in at GAME but I don't want to buy physical copies of Xbox One games - I'd prefer to have the digital versions.

If I buy something like this:

Will it transfer over to my Xbox one account? So if there was say £100 of credit on my Xbox Live account on the Xbox 360, would it be there on the One?



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Yeah it will, ive been buying loads of credit to give me the cash I need straight away to buy the games I want when the X1 is out.

Thanks Guys

I was wondrring this too. I would rather buy digitally, will bf4 be available for download on or before the 22nd? Has any pricing info been announced?

Everything should be day one digital.. As for the prices, well they won't be cheap i'd guess at least £59.99

I would of thought so. Dont want to pick my console up from game and then find out I have to go back out to get Battlefield that would kill me!  I have tweeted xbox customer support. Lets see what they say