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Not really sure if this topic has been mention yet but is it me or does the core services & apps seem to drop out at like once every week or second week? Faulty consoles came with the 360 now dodgy internet services with the one. Understandable when maintenance is needed but it drops out so frequently lately that its just a joke. My apps act haywire, watching a film via media player and i would have to restart it at least 3 times during a film same with netflix. Could be playing GTA there and cant even invite friends through the party chat because it would wreck the game to such a state nearly everyone would have to restart, which isn't desirable when GTA takes 5 - 10 mins just to load up.

I am Xbox dedicated for 10 yrs and have to say quality of service has slipped big time... Steve Jobs wouldn't allow such a bug riddled product  to hit the market. Come on Microsoft, Pull the socks up FFS. 


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Some good points well said.

It is worth keeping in mind that xbox live has seen a period of heavy maintenance as well as some very nasty DDOS attacks.

MS is very dedicated to keeping the service up and running (it is a revenue stream after all) whilst providing the best security.

I would also draw your attention to the fact that Iphones have been plagued with issues from day one.

I understand that there's always gonna be some weird/odd individual/s with nothing better to do than try shut down massive corporations networks but in fairness is there not meant to be safeguards for these kinda things in place advanced firewalls and/or specialized hardware/software. Like i don't re-call the 360 having such bad networking issues.

I think to much cloud based apps have been crammed into one machine which is making one of the main reason's for the machine suffer, Online gaming. I've been turned on BF4 because of bad servers, understandable this is not entirely micosofts fault but ill switch it on now and again to get a game when the servers are good and alot of the time playing a bit of online with Xbox Core Service issues, extremely frustrating my new flat screen has come uncomfortably close to having an xbox controller put through it more than once.

Im sure the kinks will all be worked out, but its dragging out a bit and its gonna lose em alot of business with their dodgy network problems.    

I do share your frustrations when the BOX does not work as advertised! I have experienced all the issues you point out.

Let's keep our collective fingers crossed that this period of flux with online services will pass quickly : )

Stay cool, stay gaming.