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Today I encountered my first xbox live connection issue with my xbox one. "Why am I telling this?" Because after months of membership and massive amount of hours of playtime this is the first problem i have had. This issue is obviously not common with X1 xbox live and I am happy, not that it happened mind you, but that it seemingly is a rarity unlike the competitions offerings from what I hear.

FYI I wasn't playing a game mind you. I was watching an online streaming service show @ the time when the down occurred

Kudos to Microsoft for keeping a "clean ship" so to speak, so far and thank you.


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You obviously have been away for the last 2 years.  Live has crashed/been down multiple times over that time period.   Either that or you have just been lucky.

What FullHornet Said and, at least for me, what Silver said.  I have not actually had the issues generally that other have had.  One reason may be that some of the issues happen when I am already signed in.  And those are cases of if you are signed in you are on but if not then you have problems getting on.  Other times I am just not playing.  Has been about the same for my PS4 to be honest.  So I know of plenty of issues but never seem to hit them on the consoles, thankfully.

I have had issues all afternoon.....  cant get into the games library or Deals with Gold.....  I'll survive..

Yes there hv been way to many issue w both of the next gen consoles. Makes me question whether they were both released about two years to early. The xbox one party system is still a joke two years after the xbox one release.

I went on my xbox 360 this morning and the operating system brought up a notification problem with microsofts servers dont worry you can still party chat and play games. I went on my xbox 1 too and it took 3x longer than normal to load friends list. Propbably another denial of service attack because im putting the blame on those who do it rather than it being microsofts fault. Microsoft is awesome but theres always going to be jerks who spoil it for everyone on the service.