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So Microsoft is indefinitely banning individuals using LIVE for commercial services. Please someone with sense call me dumb on this, but doesn't MLG use LIVE for commercial purposes through Gamebattles? They entice people to play on Gamebattles in order to ultimately place and participate (IF YOU CHOOSE) in their tournaments. Is that not using LIVE for their own commercial benefit? I'm not knocking MLG, I love competitive gaming, what I don't love is being indefinitely suspended for a crack about ZOMBIE LESSONS and others getting ignored entirely(MLG). 

Please don't reply with hate. I'm looking for real information or looking to get the information out, not bashing, looking for money, none of that nonsense, just understanding, thanks.


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I bet you offered 1600 MS points for something and now your sad you got banned.

You can advertise on XBOX LIVE, if you have a legitimate product for LIVE etc... [ie Games or Deals/Specials for games etc..]

If you commercially promote something, that has not got written approval from Microsoft... You'll breach the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct...

Pretty much what has been stated above. There will always be a difference between a Users End Agreement (the ToU) and a License or Endorsed Service or Product.

Yeah, i believe there is a partnership of some kind. There are even some MLG gamerpic packages that were released by MS.

I assume MLG has legal or some other "official" endorsement from M$. There are probably ways to be able to use LIVE for commercial purposes if M$ agrees to it. Some random person using it for that without permission, no matter what the purpose is, is against their policies so they will do what they feel needs to be done.