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So you bought a used Xbox 360, you get home, ready to try it out, eager to get online and enjoy your purchase. You sign in, you see it loading then... wait... what? Banned?!?! If you've ever had this happen you understand how frustrating it can be. You want to have fun and enjoy games and talk with friends on your spotless account, but someone who couldn't live with the Terms of XBL has ruined it all for you. Sure banning the console keeps the player offline, until he sells the console to the store you just bought it from and just gets an unbanned console. Isn't there another way to ban someone without rendering a console all but useless? You block the IP address! But couldn't they change the address? Yes. How about just banning the account! That would show them! Until they make a new one that is. What about a combination of both? They'll have to pay for a new account and change the IP address, and yes, it is considerably much cheaper than a new Xbox 360, but out of all the XBL players, how many actually get permanently banned? Well around 1 out of every 20 user about 5%. So why should 95% of people have to consider the possibility of getting an obsolete console, when there are other options?

This is my opinion, if you disagree, that's perfectly alright, just be respectful of it.


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Console bans are fully considered before being issued.  It's primarily the costumers responsibility to be aware of purchasing second-hand consoles from others. But don't take my word for it, you can read up on every little detail about Console Bans here-

Console Ban FAQ

Edit: As for my opinion their policies are fine as they are.

If you buy a banned console just return it for a new one. If the store won't let you they're not a store you should be spending money at.

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[/quote]The big reason for consoles being banned is of course being modded to play pirated games. Once that is done it can't be undone, the console will always have the potential to play those pirated games.

However if the console is banned for something such as Account Theft then an option to get it unbanned would be nice for those unwitting folk who buy it second-hand. The problem is how do Microsoft know you are telling the truth. How would they know you're not the same person just trying to get their console unbanned. 

While it is understandable in today's economy that someone would rather purchase a used console vice a new one, it is unfortunately a buyer beware environment.  

Keep the Purchase receipt & photocopy it... Two options;

1. Take it back to the store, you bought it from & ask for a full refund..

2. Ring up Xbox Technical Support & say to them, that you have bought a second hand console & when you tried, to go online, the console has been banned from Live.. They will ask for the consoles serial number & your gamertag details etc..


Microsoft, needs to have an updating list of banned console serial numbers, that major stores, should have access to (Business Xbox Log-In) & determine if the console they're buying is banned or not, before they purchase the console & sell it to someone else..

Microsoft, should actually, make it compulsory, that stores check for banned consoles, before purchasing etc..

Microsoft will not unbann a banned console. It's unfortunate for your situation. However, like someone above me stated, it's buyer beware. Buying second-hand consoles you will run into issues such as this from the original owner. Nothing you or anyone can do


To clear up some misconceptions:

- Yes, you can revert a modded Xbox to stock

- It's your own fault if you buy a banned Xbox. You should have asked to see it online.

- Their policies are fine.

If you bought it from a store:

-take it back and explain the situation

If you bought it from a person you don't know:

-Nothing you can do, just an FYI for next time, make sure you ask about the console first and if you don't believe them, ask to see it running.

Never buy an used console... (if possible)


well if you buy a item in the uk and its second hand you still have a return timeframe you can bring it back

i would just go back to the store and get a new one

if they say you have to take it up with microsoft .. well thats not right either .. they sold you the item they took the cash its their responsibility not microsofts

just because a item is second hand doesnt mean you get second rate rights on purchasing

and if you pay 100 pounds or more for an item use a credit card if you can

you get added rights incase its super suspicious afterwards ie a ban hammer xbox or a chipped or moddded box

good luck on the return by the way .. give them hell