Xbox live ambassador?

When will they do more applications to become an xbox live ambassador?


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You can be an Ambassador at 13, wow.

Ambassadors = xPerts now?

You will get it Naffry, everyone gets in who signs up

i didn`t bother answering the friend request i got on messenger so they removed my logo.

i only applied to prove to myself anyone can get the logo.

it means nothing if anyone can do it without any checks into their knowledge or experience.

i have already noticed the change in attitudes of some of the new ambassadors on here,give some people a little power and it goes straight to their head.

[quote user="makinmagic3"]

I do think that when the Xpert program merged with the XA's it wen't completely down hill.



That I personally agree with. However, I can see where they are going with it.


 The ambassdor program's role has changed tremendously from when they were first created and i do believe that the Xpert & Ambassador programs should have stayed seperate. The bottom line is that they are trying to improve, change creates mistakes, mistakes are learnt from.



The Xbox Community guys must have an end goal that they are trying to achieve. Why not go along for the ride and find out? And in regards to VoteDC's reasons for leaving i fully see where he is conning from, and as much as i see his sense, unfortunatly Microsoft does it their way with their rules, after all its their program =]



Both VoteDC & MakinMagic3 know that i highly respect them and look up to them, always have done which is why i know i can put this post onto this thread.

I personally think the Ambassador program is a good idea, I mean anything there to help others has to be but like others have said, too many seem to treat is as nothing else but to boost their own ego even though I do believe there are people that have the right intentions.

yeah i signed up on saturday or sunday and i have not received anything yet

Being an ambassador is pointless.

Highly doubt I will get in but I signed up :P

Give it a shot, I think they let anyone in. I even got in, they then kicked me out for being a naughty boy, then they put me back in without letting me know, then I got kicked out again lol.

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