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Hello Xbox Live Enforcement Team, at 5:07 on Monday, January 29th, my gamer tag IlI Jiger IlI was permanently banned. I was greatly disturbed by this and I was completely confused on why the ban was enforced. I called the Xbox support team and explained to them my predicament. They understood what was wrong but could not solve my problem and directed me to this forum. I have had this account for many years and have never received any warnings from Xbox for any wrongdoings. I would think that I would receive a warning first before a permanent ban was enforced so that I could correct what was taking place. I have spent countless hours playing Xbox Live and my friends can attest that I have never tampered with any games and that I have a clean mouth. After receiving the notice of my account's ban, I spoke with my brother and he told me that he had played on my account without my permission and that he had messaged other people using inappropriate language. I am assuming that this is why my account has been banned and I am pleading with you to remove the ban. This predicament was not my wrongdoing but rather my brother's. If it is possible I would be willing to apologize to whomever my brother mistreated. He snuck onto my account without me knowing which is exactly why I do not think I deserve to be banned. I will make sure he never uses my account again so this never occurs again. I hope you will understand my predicament. Sincerely yours, IlI Jiger IlI.

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Please check your e-mail.   That account is banned.... Sorry.   For a reason why head over to the support forums "why my account was banned" area or, see step 1.    Please, follow the rules in the future....  GOOD LUCK!!!

@Statewide, I'm sorry to hear about the account suspension.  Unfortunately, the Support team was not specific enough about the forums, regarding exactly where to post, and for what purpose.  The Account Suspensions forum, located here, is for users to inquire about why their account was suspended.  You'll want to direct your questions about the issue there, as that is the only part of the forums officially frequented by the Xbox Policy & Enforcement Team.

Please go ahead and make a post in the suspension forum, link provided by Clokkwork in the post above :). As the XBLPET are the only people who can give you specific information regarding a LIVE ban I am going to lock this thread up.