Xbox live 1 month, add credit card? [Mods help]

So i had my Xbox 360 slim for a while and i just wanted to sign in today and check some stuff and i saw i can get the trial 1 month so i thought why not when i pressed it than it said add credit info i was like why should i do that? if its free so why should i add credit info and im 16 years old and i know my parents wont do that. But this is not about if i have Money to buy a code or something else this is about why should i add a credit info when its a 1 month free trial it makes no sence.

So if some mods or somebody can tell me if i can get the free 1 month trial without add credit info, it would be nice to play some bf4 online again :P


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You don't.

Even the free trials now require a payment method. This is because Automatic Renewal is turned on and they hope you'll forget to turn it off, and then be charged the regular monthly rate at the end of the free month.

You also need to use the free month within 30 days of signing up to xbox live

So i cant get the 1 month trail without adding the credit info....?