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I just got back from a Halo 4/ BlOps2 LAN party... or at least that's what it was supposed to be. We had 3 Xbox's, all hooked up to a Netgear WNR2000v2 router via basic ethernet cables. We did not have any ethernet cables in the input/internet port. We were not connected to Xbox Live.

We then tried to play Halo 4. No matter how we tried, only 2 Xbox's (XB1 and XB2) could "see" each other and join the lobby. XB3 was unable to connect. We tried rotating the ethernet cables, using new ethernet cables, using a different router, hooking up one wirelessly and switching out one of the Xbox's for a new one (XB4).

After all that, we decided to go into BlackOps 2. However, when we enter CoD, the two Xbox's that could see each other in Halo 4 (XB1 and XB2), were unable to connect to each other. Instead, the Xbox (XB4) that was unable to "see" in Halo 4 was now able to "see" one of the other consoles, and join their game. XB2 and XB4 were able to connect to each other.

But sure enough, when we went back into Halo 4, it all reverted to the way it was. XB4 was left out, and XB1 and XB2 could join lobbies. So we ended up just having a 2v2 on XB4 and 2v2v2v2 on XB1 and XB2.

While it was still fun, I was wondering if anyone sees what we did wrong, so we can get a 12 man (or hopefully 16 man) LAN set up.


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