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I was wondering if anyone knows what the max speeds the xbox can run on the internet.  My notebook has 25 down and 4.9 up but when I use the xbox IE its only 5 down 4.1 up.  I also have the xbox hardwired the notebook wireless.  Heres a site you can use the xbox IE to check on


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how have you managed to do a download test on ya xbox mine says it cant download files to local storage...hence the reason it wont get virus's

I used know the number but can't remember. Xbox live has a bandwidth cap but when I tried to google the number, all the results were about Comcast limiting data usage.

It's not even a reliable test site.  I've just done a test with that site on my PC and only got 14 Mb/s down.  While on I get 80 Mb/s down.

The results from this speed test are suspect at best, across all platforms I've tried.


That was the only site i could find that the xbox would work on if you can find another let me know but on the notebook i did it on various sites they were all within 3 or 4 of each other so I figured it cant be to far off.

I fully agree, HTML 5 tests are tough to find. I did find one quite a while back in the beta but never bookmarked it. If I find it again, I'll link here.

The site above was off for me by well over 40Mbps down. The upstream results were also off by about 10Mbps.

-Jim is in megabits so 1Mb=0.125MB