Xbox Improvement Program Data......?

Theres a 151mb file on my xbox that keep reappearing even after i delete it.  It'll come back after a few days.    I went into my privacy settings and Voice Data Collection and Kinect Sharing are both blocked.  Donno why it keeps coming back.  I only use 1 profile.  Any suggestions?


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If it grows in size that quickly over such a short time frame it might be cache of content like Avatars, Gamer Pics, and whatever else would be better to cache than re-download every time you start your 360. I would think anonymous Live! usage info would just be collected as you're using Live! instead of caching it all to be uploaded later.


Haven't noticed this file before or tried to remove it so just a guess.

Theres no way to unable it tho?

It only collects data for Microsoft as far as I am aware, doesn't collect any personal data or anything along those lines so you shouldn't have anything to worry about really.

Also to note i do not have a kinect at all.