Xbox Hardware should be upgraded for the next generation of technology.

Xbox 360 was be far on of the best consoles around, it was around in the PS2 era, and it was, while slowly being upgraded, producing some of the best graphic gaming experiences we have ever experienced. Then the the PS3 takes flight, but yet Microsoft sticks with the 360, and i'm glad too. Don't fix something that isn't broken, and they didn't, they simply just made it a little better to stay in the competition. The next level gaming, Play Station 4 and Xbox One hit the market running, and at one point Xbox One completely selling out in Australia. However i find that with every new gaming console, there is always either something wrong, something either no longer compatible or no longer supported or even just complicated in whole. The Play Station 4 has an almost identical hardware build to the Xbox One which then make the ultimatum between the two consoles even harder to decide. In this my question is why? Why are they so similar, why are we limited to technology of such, and why isnt there a greater innovation into console gaming. For comparison an Xbox 360S had a 3.7Ghz Tri-Core Intel Xeon Processor with 512Mb of Ram. Now last time i checked, yes the processor is very fast, but at the time of release, the 360S could have easily been fitted with a 4Gb DDR3 ram chip modified to the kernal, and the gaming experienced would have been increased by almost 8 fold. Competing on the market when it came out was the Play Station 3, these two consoles were not very similar but the performance was very similar in most aspects, the PS3 had its internal ram (512Mb) split, allowing system ram and dedicated ram, the 360 however only had GDDR ram of (512Mb) and the system ran off that, however the newer versions of 360 also incorporated a 10Mb eDRAM which practically allowed a RAM Boost. this was another downfall in the 360, due to the GDDR ram being used for both grafics and hardware, there was no dedicated graphics, and in this the 360 suffered majorly with only a 700MHz GPU, Compared to the PS3's 3.2GHz dedicated graphics GPU with the optional draw of the system ram. In Comparison however, the PS3 was admired by its processor power, compared to the 360's 3.7GHz 3-core dual threaded core, the PS3 had an 3.7GHz 8-core single threaded core, in this however the PS3 only used 7 cores and used the last as a system spare. The processor power comparison is almost 3:1 in the PS3's favor. Microsoft, what were you thinking??? Now as an Xbox fan I put up with that and suffered the hardship of a slower gaming unit to play the best games out. What i would like to mention is that Microsoft has done well to catch up to the Play Station, however i don't feel like they want to move forward. To be honest the difference between the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One is not very much, however I as a gamer still feel a little deprived. I would rather pay a little more and have an 8-core processor that can clock faster than my laptop. If I had a choice between PS4 and One, I would choose PC every time. In Comparison from my Desktop to my Xbox One:

Desktop Xbox One
CPU 5th gen 3.3Ghz 6-core i7 AMD Jag 1.75Ghz 8-Core
RAM 16Gb DDR4 8Gb DDR3
GPU 4Ghz 64-Units GTX Dual 4K Output 853Mhz 12-Units AMD 4K Support
HDD 7200 rpm 3.5" WD 1TB 5400 rpm 3.5" 500Gb/1Tb
SSD 240Gb Kingston None
USB USB 3.1 and 3.0 USB 3.0
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Blue-Tooth 4.0 No

In this comparison, what is stopping me from forgetting about the Xbox altogether and sticking to my Desktop, it will run windows 10 too. My advice Microsoft is to pick up your act and don't hold back, with the technology, it won't be long until someone uses the technology available to its full advantage, like what alienware have already done with the Alpha.


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Your better off playing games on your desktop if you want a powerhouse gaming rig. The specs for the Xbox One will probably stay the same throughout its life cycle.

The problem comes down to money. I'm sure ms would like to stick the fastest most powerful hardware in their next xbox, but a lot of people wouldn't be able to afford it.

There are still people now that can't afford the jump from 360 to X1. I'm sure the majority of us would like a console that could keep up with high end PC's, just alot wouldn't be able to buy it.

Sounds like the OP confused a Console Generation for something else. Sorry OP, Console stay with the same specs from day one until their last day. No Console Manufacture "upgrades" the Hardware to different specs, that would not be a Console.

If you'd had told me that I would be playing "Skyrim" on the same console that I used for "Oblivion" when it launched I would have told you that you were a fool.

When "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" was advertised we watched the videos and thought "There's no way the XBox 360 will be able to show this"... but ultimately it did... and when "Human Revolution: Director's Cut" released... the game actually looks DATED on the XBox 360!

So one thing you can count on is getting a lot of mileage from your console.  Unlike those gaming PC's that are built to impress people with their specs... Microsoft's consoles have been built for gaming and they do it very well.

There's a 'rumor' floating around the net that Ms are about to announce a 'modular' Xbox that lets you to upgrade the graphics capabilities, much like a PC up to 4k gaming.

The current Xbox One would become the 'basic' model, with the addition of 'mid range' and 'high end' models. Games would be compatible across all models with better performance on the higher models.

Of course, take this with not so much a 'pinch' more like a whole sackful of salt, but I hope this turns out to be true. I'd would love to see this happen.

I'd pick up a high end Xbox in an instant. It would give me a reason to put to the missus that we really, really need to buy a 4k Tv! LOL!

Well firstly to be fair there have been hardware upgrades to consoles in the past. The 32x for the MegaDrive and the Expansion Pack for the N64 being just two such examples.

The problem with that is you just end up dividing your user base. This is why despite improving performance and allowing better games, these previous hardware add ons have failed. Developers still have to make the game for the people without the add-on and if the game requires it then you instantly cut your potential customer base.

Az is right. The set hardware allows for optimisation, developers learn the hardware and how to get more out of it. A 360 bought at launch can play the same games as a 360 bought now. He's not so right about the gaming PCs though as the 'average' system is below the specs of the Xbox One

@Zombie......wishful thinking.


It wouldn't make sense to do that. People willing to spend the cost of a gaming pc, or more, for a console would be a very small percentage and wouldn't quantify the r&d and costs of the parts.

There is a console on the market which is user upgradable. The Alienware Alpha.

I watched it on display at my local wallyworld and it was amazing to see both what it could do, and what you were capable of doing with it. All without voiding your warranty. But it's not cheap.

Perhaps in time all consoles will go this rout as hardware and software continue to get cheaper to develop and produce.  

The Alienware Alpha is a small form PC that defaults into Steam's Big Picture mode. It's no more a console than the giant case I've got under my desk. I can set my system to start straight into Big Picture mode too.

You'd still have all the issues of PC gaming with it.

Maybe so, but I personally think the design and functionality of it is the future of consoles.

This is the 1st year of it's release, and for the price. I don't see it selling well. But given time, designs like this will eventually find itself being implemented by the top console manufactures.

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