Xbox Handheld Gaming?

Nintendo has its DS and playstation has its PSP or PS Vita, but how come Xbox has not entered the world of portable gaming??? I do, somewhat above average, travelling and I think if Xbox created a handheld device, I would get one right away! Especially if you can load your gamertag and still collect gamer point, that would be so sweet!!!!! I am sure I am not the only person thinking this, but seriously, does not anyone think the same??


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A portable Xbox would be cool.

[quote user="Deadly Canadien"]Nintendo has its DS[/quote]Meh (and I own a 3DS).[quote]and playstation has its PSP or PS Vita,[/quote]Triple meh (and I own a PSP and a Vita).[quote]but how come Xbox has not entered the world of portable gaming???[/quote]Windows Phone 8.

Windows phone 8 is Microsoft's answer to this.  

Why have Microsoft not entered the Handheld Market? Because there is literally no room for them. Nintendo dominate the handheld market with DS/3DS and the PSP/Vita pulling way behind in second. You've also got Apple/Android/Windows phones pushing in on the market with the cheap £1 apps/games and stuff.


I don't really see the need for a Microsoft handheld to be honest.

But with the windows phone can you play xbox live games?? Gain gamerpoints and all that jazz like you can on xbox?