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Hi, I'm new to the xbox live situation and was wondering if someone could answer a question I had. I was thinking of getting a subscription to try out the live gaming and take advantage of the free games that come with the gold account, but can you use a xbox live gold membership card, the cards they sell at the stores, to take advantage of the free games, or do you need to use a credit card? I was reading the FAQ on xbox gold and they did mention you would need a credit card, but there was no mention of the gold membership cards. 

I'm planning on buying a  xbox live gold membership card ( I don't want use a credit card) but before I do, I want to know if I'll get the free gold games or not. Also is a 1 year subscription required, or can you get away with a 3 month subscription? 


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Yes you can buy a 3 month gold card to get the free games for gold.

You do not need a credit card.

Be sure to buy a subscription card and not a microsoft credit points card, your microsoft balance can not be used to buy gold time.

Good to know!

Thanks for the reply.

You also have access if you just buy a 1 month card. I think the only ones that don't give you access to the game downloads are the 2 week trials that come with some games.

Yeah the trial cards don't count as actual Gold Membership and serve more as a temporary online extension Silver Membership if that makes sense. Any gold subscription card should do, be it one month, 3 month or annual.