Xbox get yalls stuff straight

Look here Xbox suspends for bulls**t that they claim i did but I get dos attacked I cal and report what do they do nothing Xbox y'all suck Im gonna spend my money on something better like ps3 from what I here there way better anyways so screw you Xbox yall can't do anything right

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Lol I don't think MS can do anything about DoS attacks. You'd have to call your isp for that and just a heads up it can happen on Ps3 as well. That sucks though if you were falsely suspended.

Did you say you called support because somebody DDoS you? For one DDoS is illegal unless you're doing it to yourself. Reporting somebody DDoSing you won't get you anywhere because xbox wouldn't be able to track it so calling their support wouldn't help you. somebody DDoS ing you has to do with your actual internet being shot a bunch of requests until it crashes. It doesn't have to do with your xbox. Xbox support wouldn't even be able to help you with that problem anyways and if somebody keeps doing a DDoS to you moving to PS3 isn't going to fix it.

Well I figured that it's just crap man it pissis me off because I even had the messages save and threats he mad he got mad cause I owned him on mk and I like Xbox I just don't agree with there reason behind suspension from communicating I can still play online tho I quess it's not that bad  thanks tho Guy for the info about dos

You got suspended from communicating...? Wow.

No problem.