Xbox Gaming Tablet Concept


I just recently turned 16 and I'm crazy over this sort of stuff! I created this in around 3 hours so don't blame me if you don't think it's finished because it's not! I'm hoping to have a future in this sort of thing so be serious when posting feedback, thank you! 

If you want to know what program I used to make this I used Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Everything in this picture is made from scratch I didn't take anything from the internet!

Please let me know if the link doesn't work, I will fix it ASAP!



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Looks pretty cool! But I'd try to make the icons more "square," kind of like the 360 dash board.

Yeah I was aware that might have been annoying for some people like myself. I also wanted to make the colors all green. Might update later today.

Another good thing to put in there would be your profile and gamerscore.

Yeah I know, it was originally there but removed it because i thought it would be better if it came up in the menu  when you touch the guide button!

It looks like any other regular tablet out there these days. Good job on taking the time to create the images though. Me personally I wouldnt buy something like that or any other tablet. And the GS and Gamer pic should be at the top when on the main screen. Its just something that has to be there. Also messages and friends online at the top also. I figure it should be just like XBL.

BTW Great gamertag

I'm not proud of it so I'm going to make another today.

Updated it a little!


Alot better.