Xbox Gamestreaming:enable Very High Settings

So you’ve been using the Xbox App for gamestreaming but feel like you’re missing the  “Oomph” in graphics on it ? Have no fear for Very High Settings are here!

Yes really… However Very high Settings are hidden away so you’ll have to do some digging in the Xbox App settings.

Before you start. If your PC is having trouble running gamestreaming in High or lower settings then this is nothing for you unfortunately. Only do this is you can run in high settings with no problem and want to get a little better graphics.

First things first, if you haven’t already done so you’ll need to enable “Hidden folders” , you can do so by going to Control panel (WinKey+R and typing Control and pressing enter). Once you’re in the control panel go to File Explorer Options and a window will open up. Enable Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Hidden files will now appear as a slightly lighter yellow files

Now on to those Very High settings, open file explorer and go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\
(the %username% stand for your username on your PC obviously)
I’ll use my own link instead which is C:\Users\Max\AppData\Local\Packages

In that folder select Microsoft.XboxApp_*********
(The “ * ” stands for the random numbers and letters associated to that file)

Once that folder is open click on “Localstate” and search for the file “userconsoledata”. Right click it and open it with notepad. You’ll see a bunch of bunch of text and codes look for “<IsInternalPreview>” and change it from “False” to “True” then hit save and you can close the file.


You now have access to Very High Settings.

Link to the article where I found this info:


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Hi there,

I personally feel, that an unsupported 'trick' like this isn't something we should be posting/advertising here or in the Lounge, since it does require some 'tricky' steps and is by default hidden and maybe could even cause problems when executed incorrectly.

People in here (or Lounge) could take it as official or supported, while it isn't the case, we do not want Ambassadors spreading this as official 'fix' or 'solution' for that same reason.

It is a nice trick to know but like WPAK said and as I've experienced in the past with users and windows files (outside of the Ambassador program, of course), one wrong edit can cause issues galore or become even more difficult to try and help the user fix without remote access. I definitely didn't see it as official and wouldn't advertise it, but just can a nice to know sort of thing.

Yeah you're probably right, just thought some people wanted this info