Xbox Elite Controller, Plug and Play?

As the elite controller comes with AA battery's and no rechargeable batteries included will the current xbox one plug and play still fit into the new remote and charge through the micro usb?


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What moron or group of morons came up with this brilliant idea? Way to give into and enable cheating guys. Your focus should be to level the playing field for all, not give advantage to one player over another. To preempt the pathetic response of “but it’s available to all” that will be coming. Not everyone can afford to pay $149.00 and tax for a controller nor may want to. I can but still won’t support this. With existing moded controllers, USB devises, hard mods and any other way people are cheating today, you are just adding to and supporting the problem. What you don’t seem to get is that this creates a multi-level playing field putting the majority of online gamers at a disadvantage. This then creates frustration and takes away the enjoyment of playing a game online. When players are getting decimated by others not because of ability but because of advantage, you are robing so many of the enjoyment they expect to get out of playing an online game and frankly paid to have, you are stealing from them. All this tells me is that you cannot fix or do not have the desire to fix the cheating that is so prevalent on and has engulfed XBOX Live.  So instead you have thrown your hands up, given in and added to the problem.  Way to go…

R u ok frend

I cant get over the spelling mistake of robbing ;)