Xbox Elite controller features you may not know about

So, with the new features just announced, if you were to get this controller, how would you customize your settings and for which games?


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Who cares.

Many of the Day 1 controllers are starting to drift.

This is the only entertainment system I've ever owned (and I started with pencil, paper and dice) where I've had to purchase a replacement controller.

If they're not built to last they're not worth throwing a hundred dollars at.

Um, the Day 1 controllers have been confirmed to be well, not great - due to the fact that they rushed them out of production. The Xbox One Elite controller, however, was built to be TOUGH - it's got steel components for crying out loud! You could probably knock yourself out if you hit yourself on the head with it!

...and for the record - I care, dagnabbit!

I like the idea of having the ability to map a few (2 I think, have yet to watch the YT vid) buttons onto the paddles on the underside of the Elite controller.

This should help out with one handed gamers, but the Price? Yikes!

Why not simply allow a 3rd party, wireless flight stick so that one handed gamers can enjoy gaming without having to jump through expensive hoops?

Also, it would be to console manufactures advantage to either replace the 3d annolog moduals with quality built ones with molded rubberized boots. Or, increase the warranty period with direct replacment policies. So if you picked up your console/controller at Walmart (Example) and it breaks. You take it there to exchange for another, and it's Walmart who then returns the defective unit to MS. While YOU (The consumer) can get back to gaming right away.

Not a bad idea.

Who/ Where is my Congressman?

GG it doesnt matter if the controller buttons are made from metal or plastric the controller and its insides r still plastic iv got a day 1 pad and a titanfall pad both are breaking

Its pretty expensive as a controller, but it offers some pretty cool features. Ive seen 3rd party controllers do this sort of thing and they are pretty expensive as well.

Good news is it sounds like re-maping of buttons is going to be available to all controllers.

It looks awesome and I love how customisable it is but I'll stick to my current controller. It does the job.

I'll be waiting to get this controller. How long depends on price drops (if any).

The most common problem with the controllers (both 360 and One controllers) seems to be thumbstick drift and unless they do something to further strengthen and/or protect the thumbstick's module itself, this new controller will be no different.

Even if they do try to protect the module, there is only so much that can be done. The module itself is basically a dual channel variable resistor... and you can't make that out of steel. I haven't opened up a controller to look at the module nor have I done any research on it, so I can't say if there may be a better one available that would last longer or not, but I can say that using a better quality module (if available) would be the only viable answer to staving off drift issues longer.

For those who seem to be 'lucky' with their controllers and rarely have trouble with thumbsticks drifting, then it might be worth getting. My controllers tend to last anywhere between 1 and... almost 2 years. If the elite controllers seem to last longer for most people, I might get one. Spending that much might be worth it, if it lasts 2 years or more. But spending over twice what a new std controller costs to have it last no longer than a std would anyway. No.

I may actually buy an Elite controller.  I always really wanted the controllers to have some of the buttons on the back.  And if I can map those buttons to the paddles on the back then I would improve my experience.  Not to mention the controller seems to be made of high quality stuff from what I have read.

I have had controllers wear out so many times.  I have replaced the internal sticks with good ones from other broken controllers and stuff.  They just wear out.  Does take a while.  But hopefully these would have a much longer life which would be great.

I "knew some one" that had a modded 360 controller with buttons on the back. It worked well but the 360 controllers were a lot bigger than the X1 ones are now. My 8 year old daughter was even excited to see that the X1 pad fit in her hands. So not surprising that the new Xbox one controllers are fairly small in my hands that my pinky and ring finger wraps around the bottom of the sides and touch the base of my thumb. I can't imagine using buttons of the back on the controller on the Elite without holding my hands in an awkward position. (If it is the same size as the normal X1 pad)

Luckily I heard that button mapping will come to all X1 controllers. So that's neat.

Rvhk, it just means you can't squeeze-grip the controller. Instead, you'll have to hold it loosely and comfortably (which I may admit, might be hard to do during intense gaming sessions), which, in the long run, might actually be better for your hands. ;)

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