XBOX Dream of ALL in One is dishonest and needs to be FIXED

When I read about how Xbox Music and Xbox Video were to work they both indicated that some level of support would be there for streaming as well as push to.  But in use it does not work unless you subscribe for $7 a month for a service that I do not need.

For years I have has a Microsoft server that I use to stream music and video that I own.  Music from services and Movies from DVDs that I have converted and for years I have been able to use all my 360s, ps3s, google tvs and squeeze radios to stream that data all over my home. 

But now with the new xbox Microsoft is asking me to pay to access my data. Who thought this was a good idea?  Even my Sony AVR allows me to push audio to it without paying to do it.


Do not try to block my access to my music that I own behind your paywall.  I support Xbox live and have since beta.  Ad even kept supporting it when you let my Xbox live BETA gamertag get hijacked and I lost 25000 gamer points.  But I am not paying twice to access things I own.  Please fix this.


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And this is really my big gripe with xbox, the way MS handles the policies on it. The device itself isn't bad, too bad it's attached to a company whose main business model is nickel and diming and finding all the ways they can co erce you into paying without having to actually offer you some real thing in return (rather than, "pay or else you don't get the functionality we promised you").

Xbox would be a great competitor (Talking about having competition that is good for gamers as a whole, not as in competition that actually fares well) if it weren't for being attached to Microsoft.

Totally agree, mind you Sony is trying a similar bait and switch and I am not playing that game with them either - I am NOT paying to access the 30000 songs I already own period - just let me stream it from my PC the way I've been doing it.

To me this is the most annoying thing about the System.

Clearly the XB1 is premature and things will be added or changed over time. I personally would like the ability to plug my windows phone into my XB1 and use my music and transfer my video from the console to phone.

I've never streamed music on my 360, but I'm considering doing it cause 7 bucks a month across multiple platforms seems like a good deal to me.  I don't have a huge library of music I own as it is, so no loss there.  Sony is doing the exact same thing, so no big shocker there.  Media Center is going bye bye, they pulled the plug on it, so that's why there's no development.  I think I did read somewhere that they're looking to have a different app or something along those lines that will allow for it, but I could be wrong there.  I just never saw much use for it so it doesn't bother me much.

I just listen to Pandora through the X1, no problems there. as for movies Netflix, and comcast no problems there.