Xbox day one headset issues

Hi, I'm looking for some help or even just other people's experience with the xbox one standard headset. I am currently on my third and it has just broken again. Basically the mic just seems to stop working. Has anyone else experienced this? 

I hear no voice chat via the headset and when I try to test it in party chat the little green circle remains uni highlighted which I understand mean the mic is not detecting my voice. If I switch to kinetic, chat works but that's not ideal.

I've tried the basics making sure all controllers and xbox are up to date the mute button indicator is not highlighted. I've turned it off completely and unplugged it and checked my Nat settings.

I look after my xbox and other electrical equipment very well. Is it that the headset are just poorly made or am I doing something wrong with party chat/ in game chat.

Please help



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I had the same problem with my Day One headset.  I had to send it back to get a replacement.  I don't think they're that durable, to be honest.  I look after my equipment very well, and there was no reason for it to just stop working.  

If you start up a party by yourself and you see that the Green circle is not indicating that you're talking when you are, then you need to get a replacement.  Make sure you don't pull the headset out from the joypad with the wire when you have finished using it, and instead take a firm grip of the plastic instead.  I can imagine pulling it out by the wire would cause some problems somewhere down the line.

Also, make sure you check your NAT if others are having a problem hearing you, or you them.

I'm normally relatively careful taking the headset out. They just seem to break or become faulty very easy

I laughed at my ps4 headset. But so far it has stood the test of time. My worry is that if I buy a reasonable headset for the xbox will this issue continue to happen ?

@ THEBIGYINN -  I can't see why it should!

It may not be the headset. See if it works in normal game chat. I've had all kind of problems with party chat. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.