Xbox dashboard update

Does anyone know when the new Xbox dashboard is going to be available for UK users?

I thought it was due in Early November but as yet I have not seen or heard anything depite some of the new things being advertised on TV.


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very good sites and information report 25th of this month i would say 98% its on the 25th

the beta just started yesterday

So still no real confirmed date when this will be released to us :-( I don't understand how Microsoft can advertise something they are not capable of doing yet!! (the TV aspect mainly)

Where did you see the information about the 25th November? Is it from Microsoft or is it speculation?

Will the new dashboard update also include the TV capabilities too (BBC, 4OD etc.)?

a date has not been set yet

When 4OD & Demand 5 arrive do they have to be used with Kinect. As all the videos & info on show them this way?

repeat thread...

December 6th, 2011 is the release date [link][/ink]

If this is what the new dash looks like it sucks.I mean how many times do we have to tell you not to cover up the themes and wallpaper with the menu boxes.Look at the blank space at the bottom..why wouldnt you put the menu boxes in the blank spot and let us see the themes and wallpaper..