Xbox crashing randomly

just a little background I got my one at launch and has problems with it from the start (disc reader grinding). But I could deal with that so on my very last day of warranty I got a replacement console.  the replacement worked great up until three weeks ago.  Did some research cleared the persistent storage did many power cycles, made sure it was plugged into a working outlet.  Contacted support and he had me put it into a wall outlet instead of a surge protector and that worked for three weeks and it's just started doing it again.  I've noticed that it happens more often when I'm on Netflix Than playing a game. If I had replaced it three weeks ago my warranty would've covered it but now it's 165 for a new console.  I've looked into new power supply's but I don't want to put money into that if its not the actual problem.  Also it doesn't just shut off like it would if you turned it off (ie flashing power button, fans and disc tray shutting down) which leads me to believe that it's a power issue.  Any advice or suggestions are welcome.



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