Xbox controllers not working correctly

I'm having issues with my Xbox one controllers. I have both a wireless and a wired controller. Neither of which will work properly for very long. My wireless controller won't even connect anymore even with the plug and play charger. My wireless controller just stops working and the character on screen continues moving in the direction it was travelling when the controller cut out. At first I thought this was an issue with the Witcher 3 because my controller worked properly with Arkham Knight yesterday. However after about 10 minutes of gameplay today, the controller began exhibiting the same symptoms as before. A hard reset works for a bit but then it's back to square one. Unplugging the controller and plugging it back in doesn't work and most of the time I just have to reset or wait for the controller to stop acting up. Is there any way to fix this issue or am I going to have to send my Xbox in?


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