Xbox controllers are the worst

Is it just me or does everyone elses analog sticks on their xbox pads start to "drift" over time, its really starting to p*ss me off every controller i have had since the elite has been complete crap, i'm sure i never had any problems with my old original white pads but everytime now the analogs just crap out.


Last year i bought a slim console and after about a month one of the sticks starting to slowly move on its own, you notice this the most on first person shooter games when you don't even touch the controller but your character is moving. and then a few months back the left stick went really bad when i was holding it forward to run on games it would keep cutting out and my guy just stopped moving for like a second and then it carried on.


So then last week on the 20th i bought the Gears of war 3 console with 2 brand new controllers, and guess what not even a week later and the right stick is drifting up on its own, i just tried to play the battlefield 3 beta and it is just really annoying trying to play a FPS and aim with a analog that constantly moves on its own, and now even the left stick has started to move forward after i've been pushing it up to run.


The Xbox controllers are just useless cheap crap, you have to buy a new one every month.

Is anyone else experiancing this crap with their pads? it happens all the time to me now and its really annoying why don't they just make the controllers with better quality.



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I only hate the fact my RB buttons and stuff keep breaking whilst playing Guitar Hero, And they don't even fix them but instead force you to spend £23 but yet we pay like £200 for a console and they'll repair it free for a year? Plus we pay £480 a year to play, But they wont replace a controller. It's shocking to be honest, I've played Guitar Hero 3 on the PS3 since it came out, My controller still isn't broke. But I've went through 3 controllers since I started playing it like 3 months ago.

[quote user="iTz AaRoN xDDv2"]

Plus we pay £480 a year to play


Where are you buying Xbox LIVE Membership for that kind of price?! Maybe I'm not following your wording?


I noticed my first 360's controller began drifting, but my second controller doesn't drift at all. Do you apply a lot of pressure to the sticks or something? Unfortunately there's no way to tighten the sticks up again that I'm aware of, and if there is, it likely involves opening the controller. Have you considered an officially licensed alternative controller, such as the Razer Onza? It might work for what you need, since the Tournament Edition allows you to tighten the thumb-sticks up a bit.

Yea, they do that. I hate the reliability of them but the layout is so much better then other platforms that I really don't care too much. I've learned to overcome the drifting and eventually get a new one. Next time I might do some complaining or protesting and see what comes of it.

The joysticks are a huge problem. Considering if you want to get a good controller you have to go wired it's a bit annoying. You can always replace them Link2 not an easy thing and voids warranty. If you have an old PS2 controller you can harvest them as they are the same. It's both a mechanical and electric issue since PS3 controllers uses Hall Effect sensors instead of potentiometers so it can recalibrate whenever it wants, but the pots on the 360 joysticks are stuck with whatever accuracy they were manufactured. They are also zeroed when you turn them on so wherever the stick is will be the dead zone.


Drove me mad in Assasins Creed BrotherHood to accidentally get out of cover or randomly jump and fall to my death or have to repeat a long climbing sequence. Had to put the game down until I got the new Silver controller which is still the same thing on the inside as far as PCB layout and components are concerned besides the D-pad. Didn't feel like buying new sticks and soldering them into my old controllers and getting custom shells didn't appeal to me just wanted a working controller. Could have bought a new game instead of a controller.

One of mine has done that. It's annoying, but it's also not constant, and I can make it go away rather easily. I also tend to trade in and replace controllers after something like that first starts, though I haven't replaced the one I speak of yet. Its day is coming, though.

Yes, i've had 3 of them do it. An original white one, a Halo 3 one, and a black one. It sucks. I just dealt with it for a long time until I finally had to go buy new ones. I tried to open up and fix my Halo  controller, just tried to transfer the case to the new black one, but it wouldn't fit correctly. :(

I've had my wired controller for a little longer than two years and the joy stick is just fine but the rubber part on the right joy stick started tearing off last week. :'( Overall I would say it is pretty awesome.

Mine never do this 5 year old pad I have to and I play it allot my bros one though went after a year.

Just got a 360s and the controller appears to be bad right out of the box. Camera view is stuck in a constant spin without even touching the right stick  on every game I've tried to play. Kinda sad that I've held out for this long to join the "xbox 360 club" and it starts out as a big let down.  

Intresting Reviews and problems on peoples controllers..

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