Xbox controller with D-Pad on the left?

Hi all,

I wanted to ask a pretty straightforward question: Are there any controllers (official or 3rd party) that are configured similarly to the PS's controller? In specific, all I care is to have the D-Pad completely to the left, there where normally is the xbox's Left Analog Stick.

The problem is not with me, I have become totally accustomed to the xbox controller's layout, but my PS friends moan all the time, especially in sports games like PRO, Fifa etc. they say the can't play their game as they would. Although, I know it just takes practice to get used to anything like this, I could be spared from lots of arguments, by buying just 1 controller for them.

So, do you know of a solution for this issue?



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Another question regarding the MLG PRO Circuit. I just googled a few reviews and (it just so happened?) I came across two people complaining about the low quality and the issues they were having with sticks stopping working as early as 1 month after purchase.

Are they really that bad in reliability, or to put it like this: Are they worse than official MS controllers in wear and tear? You'd expect a controller that costs around 3 times the money of the MS one, to be at least as reliable as the original.

Right! Seems the MLG PRO Circuit with the PRO Module system is exactly what I was looking for. A controller that let's you swap the Analog Stick with  the D-Pad and vice versa at will. That way I won't have to buy this just for my friends but I will be able to use it myself as well with the Analog at its original position... Hmmm, now let's see the price....

Hmm... I don't know about adapters... Are they lag-free? Because I always had the impression that those things never actually worked ok. Have you tested any of those personally?

Maybe search it  on a search engine, there are some, but there kind hard to find.

Just gave you an answer to your question thats all.

Personally speaking, you can`t beat a 360 controller for comfort and ease of use.

You can buy an adapter that lets you use a PS3 controller on the 360;

I believed the MLG controller is you controller. But it cost alot of money. And you can even used PS stayle analog stick too.