Xbox controller malfunction

My xbox controller flashes twice and shuts off and its not the batteries i've contacted microsoft with no response. any ideas?


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[quote user="LEXIEandMATT"] i've contacted microsoft with no response.[/quote]No response at all, or not a satisfactory response?

If the controller is one that came with the console, it will covered under the console warranty for a year.  If you have bought the controller separately, it will come with a 90 day warranty.  Ring them back. 

I've seen that happen with controllers. Usually ones that have been beat up a bit. (Not accusing. Just sayin)

The problems I've seen is either:

- the plastic piece holding the batteries is cracked and not holding the batteries in place properly

-or the connections that touch the batteries are busted.

if you have the USB cord, try using that to see if the controller still works. If it does, its probably one the issues I mentioned. If its still busted, than yea, its most likely defective.


none and it was from the pro version so pretty old

I had the same problem..controller would poop out for no reason or couldn't hold the charge.FINALLY found a wired controller.This has been a problem since the 360 was first released,and i should know as i pre ordered the first version of the console and have been dealing with controllers crapping out ever since.

When i bought the first system i was returrning controllers every 2 weeks because they couldn't hold a charge beyond 10 minutes.My brother in Law gave me his recharger cord and that worked for a couple years,but i think keeping it plugged in all the time caused some funky stuff as it started not to be recognized recently and if i put in the battery pack the power cord would go red.

Found a Mad Catz wired controller,at one store,and so far so good...for now.

I had this problem to I just went and got a new one from the store after I got no help from Xbox support.

I think I might have to do that too, the batteries are fine, the pack is fine, but the only good controller i have is now unusable.