Xbox Controller layout

Can anyone clarify something about Xbox controllers for me? Mainly regarding the position of the left analogue stick and the D-Pad.

I've been a PS Gamers for the last 15 years and never even touched an Xbox. Now, i'm wanting to defect and buy the Xbox One (been sitting in my shopping basket for 2 weeks) but the main thing stopping me is the controller.

10 years ago i suffered an injury, which meant i no longer had right-hand use for, so adapted to use it 1 handed and have done for the last 10 years.

Luckily on the Playstation controller, the left analogue stick was in the perfect position for my adapted use and the D-Pad was used on the rare occassion. 

My main fear and worry thats stopping me buying the Xbox One is that is the switched positions on the Xbox controller in relation to the PS controller.

Through anyone's experience with Xbox, can you tell me does the D-Pad have a function or is it a alternative for the left analogue stick functions? Have there been any 3rd Party Manufacturers that have released a 'playstation layout' Xbox controller in the past or is there a chance for the future?

The resulting conditions of my injury prevents me from going into a shop and testing the controllers for myself, my life is very limit now of what i can do. I really wish I don't have to spend £600+ on an Xbox One and games then find out i can never play the games.

Can anyone please help or give any advice?


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Your medical condition is unique to yourself.


None of us, however well meaning, can actually confirm if the XBox ONE controller will work for you or not.


The best thing to do is go into your local GAME and ask to give a couple of games a spin on the ONE.


Your reason for doing so is entirely reasonable.


Any new system and layout will take some getting used to but you ought to be able to get a bit of an idea by trying one out for yourself.



i appreciate that its unique, you could put you right hand behind your back and see what you can do lol but might take you a few years to adapt to it like i did.

trouble is i cant try one as i'm permanently housebound, so would have to buy one, get it delivered, test it , then cant send it back cos its been used.

all i need to know is ... as a 'normal' 2-handed gamer, Xbox One or 360, does the left stick have to be used for all games or can the D-Pad be used instead, or does the D-Pad used in addition with the Left Stick?

then i can imagine how to use it one-handed.

Previous gen xbox controllers are very chunky so I think you'd have a hard time with it. There are devices out there that let you play xbox games with a ps3 controller and vice versa. Whether they work with the next gen consoles I have no idea. Only reason I know this is because I was thinking of getting one for my 360. I have very slender girly hands you see.

i've got big hands and long fingers so i was lucky i could use the left thumb on the left stick and the other 4 fingers doing the rest, on the Ps3 controller. with the position of the left stick on the xbox controller, i cant do that way.

The Xbox layout controller (thanks Sega Saturn!) is set for how hands should naturally hold a controller and really that old PlayStation layout is outdated although I'll give them credit that PS4's controller is surprisingly comfortable.


I've never had any problems with Xbox/Sega/Nintendo layout controllers, if anything it's just the D-PAD that was messy but that was hardly used anyway for the Xbox because Sega & Nintendo always had it right.

The left stick and D pad are used extensively for different functions in most games.  you would need use of both.   Hope you find a solution!

cheers Genchy ... looks like i need to find a new right hand then lol

Maybe have a look here its about Ben Heck who has created a xbox one controller for right handed gamers only and he has donated it to a charity called Able Gamers Foundation. I don't know if you could maybe contact him or the charity direct to see if they could provide you with a left handed controller. Good luck with it!! :)

Earlier today I was playing DBZ Tenkaichi 3 (PS2 game) on my PS3 60GB and I've gotta say that the controller isn't actually that bad but in comparison to an Xbox/Sega/Nintendo it is inferior.


Anyway, if the DualShock is up your alley then try to find a third party adapter to use it.

Or you could just use the right handed one upside down?

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