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Does it really matter how old your Xbox is?? I have just recently got fallout 3 GOTY edition and it is full of glitches. where as on my sons it works perfectly. His xbox is about 3 years old now and mine is about 2 does this make a difference??


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glitches in the actual game would happen on any console,but loading glitches or errors of some kind could be a console problem.loads of games have daft glitches, if you go to the forum for the actual game you are having most glitches on there are probably people on there saying the same things

Some of the glitches seem to be context sensitive as in its how you've played your game, thats why even before the first patch came out some people made it all through the game with no problems, eg getting locked out of New Vagas if you dont have the Cowboy hat, if you dont do the mission where you kill the guy wearing it until much later on you dont get locked out do it to soon after getting to New Vagas for the first time & you do, by completing one quest you may cause a problem with another.