Wound be interesting to see XBOX football with Gears of wars guys VS Halo guys. OR a race. I don't see these games coming but I would be a cool to see MS try to pull something like this off.  


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You mean like the Xbox equivalent to Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros? Sure, I could dig that! I'd buy it. I would prefer a fighter over a sports game but that's just me. We have a handful of years on this gen and the last gen still has some years left so who knows what could happen.

i can see master chief(HALO), marcus fenix(GOW), marius(ryse), banjo kazzoie, agent (crackdown), Gomez(Fez), Alan wake, Gunstringer, Kameo, joana dark(Perfect dark zero), our avatars, conker, Blinx, sabre wolf(killer instinct), and the character from Quantum break. as a super smash brothers kind of style!  

am i missing someone???

Bill Gates

If consoles had a modding community like PC does, Bill Gates should be a playable character in every game! Failing that, Bill Gates Kart would definitely be a day 1 buy for me. Online multiplayer is a 1v1 face off between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Dragon's Den anybody?