Xbox boots up very slowly and Doesn't Connect to Live

Hello, I previously posted about my problem in a thread in the 04- Console & Assessories back in Oct. I am having the same problems and it seems to be a network problem so I'm posting it here.

My Post on 10-22-13 detailing the problem:

I started up my console this morning and it took a long time to get to the dashboard. It sat on the Xbox Logo for about a minute then it sat on the Loading Dashboard screen (the spinning circle) for about another 2 minutes. After I get to the Dashboard my xbox laggs so slow and whenever I tried to look at my messages, start a game, or look at my friends it freezes my xbox. That was the start of my problem

I then I turned it off, removed the HDD, and reinserted it. Rebooted and the same thing happened.

So I tried to clear my cache a couple times. Eventually I was able to clear my cache. Rebooted, same thing with the xbox logo and the dashboard loading screen but now rather than it going to my dashboard it dissconnects me from Xbox Live.

I then unplugged my ethernet cord and booted it up. It worked perfectly. Only took 5 seconds to boot up to the dashboard.

I plugged my ethernet cord back in, booted it up, and the same problem keep happening. Long bootup time and then it disconnects me from Live.

I tested my connection to xbox live and it says everyting is fine. Tried logging in to my account after I booted it up offline. It stays logging in for about 4 minutes till is says cannot connect to xbox live. I have also tried logging into a second account but same thing happened. I even restarted my router but no luck.


So my problem is that my console is super slow at booting up while plugged into my router and dissconnects after it finally gets to the dashboard or trying to connect to xbox live while offline. But it boots up perfectly if I unplug the ethernet cord.

I have an old xbox that I recieved for christmas in '09

/end old post

After that it kinda fixed itself till yesturday when it started to show the same results but the old method I used to fix it didn't work. Here is more details what I did today:

It is doing the same exact thing and I did re-configure my network settings like last time but it's says everything is perfect. Tested connection to xbox live and it says everything is fine. Though when it was testing the xbox live part of the test it did seem to take a little bit longer as usual but that could be my imagination.

Even went into my modem and reset it and everything. Changed the Primary and Secondary DNS setting on my xbox to match what's showing in my modem. Still didn't help.

Everytime I tested my connection to xbox live I always tested it on the non-account dashboard. The commercial ads did not load but I saw the usual online dashboard stuff showing like free-for gold, deal of the day, ect. Showing that it was connected to xbox live. Even though it took a couple minutes to go into the Search Games menu it eventually loaded into it. Then the same when I went into the Indie games menu.

Then I tried loading up my profile and it happens again. Stayed at the logging in window for a few minutes and then ended with the error code "80151911". I know I connected online cause when I tried going into my profile I got a party invite from one of my friends while it was still logging me in but then a "disconnected from live" message popped up and then that error message and code popped up.

I even deleted my profile and redownloaded it like I read from another support question. That didn't help either but I noticed that it downloaded very slowly. I've been having profile corruptions the past few weeks and it usually takes 2 minutes to download my profile again but this time it took atleast 10 minutes.

If you need any more information I will give all the info you need to help.

Thanks for your time.

Sorry that I am posting this twice as I replied to my old thread that is in the 04- Console & Assessories Page. I thought since this seems more like a connection issue it will recieve more attention from the proper people in this sub-thread.

Thank You For Your Time


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Thank You for your reply but I have found out what the problem was.

It was a problem with the hard drive. I bought a new one and my xbox is running better than ever.

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