Xbox being rather weird

So far in the past 2 months or so, 2 DVDs have given me attempting to read media error, CoD4 has given me the 'to play this disc message' as well as it resseting my rank online (and not unlocking the guns that are available from the start as well as all the game types missing from the search menu one time) and then the 4OD force closed itself when trying to stream a show.

If these had happened not so close together (or another console)  I'd just think isolated incident. Could there be something bigger going on here?

Console: 250GB

Age: 1 year


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Sounds like faulty disc drive? only had that problem with the original Xbox 360. I have a Slim now so i haven't had many issues, but what i think is weird about the Xbox 360 S is that since the CPU and GPU are one chip, its slower through one front-side bus now than it is with 2 separate chips like in the original 360. Even though they say its the same speed though... Just my take on Xbox being weird

mine started to act wierd just before it red ringed on me