Xbox Beacons are annoying and should have a feature to disable notifications.

Xbox Live Beacons are set by people and they become really annoying to everyone in their friends list when they appear online and you are playing the game the beacon is set for. The worst part is that it always appears when you start up the game. You would think that after the first time it appeared that you would know that they want their friends to play that particular game. I find it really annoying when I'm in the middle of an intense online gaming session and a beacon appears and blocks my screen which results in me dying. It is especially annoying when the beacon is set on a popular game that everyone already plays and people just do it to annoy others. I really think that Microsoft should add in a feature that blocks beacons from appearing as they can be very annoying.


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Just delete your friends, therefore no beacons will ever show up.

You can turn notifications off completely and that should keep beacons from popping up. Then just pop open the guide after an online match or during a slow period to check for messages or who is online. They need to fix part of notification options as well since it blocks achievements notifications from popping up.