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My 12 year old was banned for a cheater joining his lobby and playing in the game on the opposing team and cheating. He received a ban for life on xbox. Being an xbox family and having multiple accounts and being a writer for a current electronics publication I would appreciate it if you would reconsider your decision on this.  He has been told that when a person who has modded comes into the lobby that he is to leave regardless of what team they are on.  His gamertag is ULT1MAT3A55A5IN. I would appreciate anything you can do to help with this. I would hate to have to go to Sony


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Do sony not take the same action?

I've never understood the "I'll move to Sony" lines people use.

The Sony enforcement team treat people in the exact same way as the Xbox team.

Really??? Your son is lying to you, as if you did not no this already, stop enabling it. Personally I am glad to see that the enforcement team actually does something right once in awhile. He deserves the lifetime ban for cheating, all cheaters should be dealt with in this manner. I request it every time I come across a cheater and report them, which is becoming more and more frequent. Maybe more examples like this will finally put an end to it.

Ban/suspension forums are here

They will only tell you why the account was banned,you will not get the ban overturned.