Xbox, badly build

for a few month now i have a problem withe the wireless, something wrong with their system which made people unable to connect to wireless when using hdmi cable.strange right ?  

for me, i have fixed mine, but it was a complete miracle, i still have no idea how.  i have searched the xbox support site and found  too many  people who have the same problem. as far as i know, they  just tell you to buy and another cable and good luck !  that's all. but i have also seen some people will real constructive advice and they know their stuff.( they deserve a mention, not all support team are moron )  my point is that the xbox 360 slim clearly have some issue. and their attempt to fix it was futile.

( p.s pardon mine grammar and spelling ETC ) 


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I went through quite a few older Xbox 360s, but the Xbox 360 S is far superior in every single way. I haven't had a single problem with my Xbox 360 S and I don't worry about it breaking on me every time I turn it on like the older models. Sorry that you've had problems, but the Xbox 360 S is solid.

There are different types of HDMI cables & some devices need different HDMI cables to work..

Some devices support or use HDMI Ethernet pins 14 & 19 too & would render the WiFi Null, if your TV is using ethernet through HDMI..

High Speed HDMI 1.4 is used for any HD device..

High Speed HDMI "1.4a" is used for a HDTV with 3D Stereoscopic Capabilities etc..

Your WiFi Problem can also be caused by a lot of plants near your console, as the mositure can magnify the WiFi frequency & cause the frequency to have phase out interference... Causing a drop-out issue or no signal..

I have had no problem with my 360S And i have had it well over a year. I had a fat premium one and it broke 2 times. I say the new xbox's are better.

It also depends on the condition of the Xbox asin how you keep it and use it. If you don't drop it to the side or if it has no dust init etc it should last a very long time. In my whole time of being on Xbox live (since the very first day it came out) I have went through one Xbox which is pretty amazing considering. Just keep your Xbox safe and it should work perfect.