Xbox Audio Issue

When i am using my Xbox, it's sound output seems to fluctuate from loud to quiet depending on what is happening on screen

Example: im playing street fighter 4. im doing nothing and my sound is fine. I attack a character and all the sudden my sound drops several decibels. 

I tried looking in the console settings for anything that might cause this and i cannot find anything. This issue does not happen with my playstation 3. Anybody have any ideas?


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what kind of connection to the tv/sound system do you have? HDMI? Composite? Optical?

I've have the same situation (at least with my IPod docs and cpu sound system not my xbox) that the culprit was ether a loose connection or frayed wire. have you checked your connections or even tried a different wire (try seeing if it is even the port on the TV its self by swapping your xbox and ps3 if they are both the same <DVMI-DVMI> <RCA-RCA> <Component-Component>)