XBOX - All of these codes are ruining everything.

So here is the jist of what I am dealing with on just about every game I buy...

I have an XBOX Live Family Plan.

3-4 XBOX's (One is broke at the moment so 3).

Now, everytime I buy a game it seems I have to put a code in for Full Access, or Online Access or something or another. (Batman for Catwoman).

Here is the problem I have and it's ****'n me off. If I play Battlefield 3 in the living room, My kids can't play the damn game online in their bed room now?

I can't play Cat Woman in Batman in the Living room now?

This is freaking stupid and it seems to be getting worse and worse with every release. These are just two example but I can come up with 50!

Transfering Profiles is an [Mod Removed] whoop'n and takes forever, Jacking with the Hard Drives from room to room makes the Net Flix stop working.

My last issue is the XBOX Live Arcade Games. Again, It is stupid. The MASTER Account owns it, why can;t the other accounts access it? I completely understand not allowing more than one to access it at a time, But again, Having to move Hard Drives and Transfer profiles to just take 5 steps from one Bed Room to another is a major pain.

On top of all this, I am spending like 6,000 Points a month on this stuff and I now with these codes and everything being the wave of the future, I am frankly not getting the value I once did.

Which means if it's not addressed or changed of improved I am just going to spend less and less.

So can you guys get with the Publisher's and get this resolved? It's bad for consumers and it is bad for business.


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why dont you just buy a usb pen and put the profile on it that means you just need to plug it in and out to play it on other consoles.

In the case of online passes activate it with your profile on the one Xbox in the bedroom which will let all the accounts there use it and you'll be able to use it on your 360 in the living room


The same for DLC and arcade game, purchase on one console to let all account there use it and you can use them while signed into Live on your console.


Not an ideal solution but it works.

[quote user="Glannigan"]So can you guys get with the Publisher's and get this resolved?[/quote]This is what the publishers want. They want console games to become licenses, just like the majority of PC new release are. License are bound to individuals, not families.


If you don't like these policies, vote with your wallet and turn to other entertainment avenues that don't require licenses per individual.

I'm confused as to what problem you are having with Netflix?    The new dashboard update will fix the recover process for gamertags and it will also have cloud storage for game saves.   As for online passes, it's not Microsofts problem or fault for game companies to utilize the option.  If you want to point blame to someone and complain then talk to GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, FYI and other places taking used game trade ins since this is why game companies are doing this.   If you were losing out on new game sales wouldn't you do something to counter react that?