xbox Account Hack again!


I see on my Pay-Pal Account that there are 2 Payments from Microsoft Luxembourg S.à.r.l. for 6,99 €.

The first Pay at 14.05. and then today 17.05. but I dont know why. I never sell anything and in my Microsoft Account are no Payments. In the Moment I can´t sell anything, because I´am in Hospital from 13.05.

This is a big Microsoft Problem again and I don´t understand that Microsoft get the User Accounts safe!!!! Finally I will delete my Account and hope, that all my Datas will be deleted by Microsoft. I registered my Account before 2 Months.... It was a very quick hack.


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Try contacting Pay Pal......

Good Luck!!!

As you said this is an ongoing issue, and frankly M$ has not shown that it is concerned. As a result I keep absolutly no cards or money accounts on Microsoft servers. I highly recommend using only prepaid cards. They're easy to come by at any retailer, and most online retailers even do e-cards that email keys to you, making minimal to no slow downs/fuss.

This way if you get hacked again, the worst that can happen is they just get your account.

MS made two 6.99 payments to your Pay pal account....  I fail to see the issue  :)