xbox 720

Don't know if anyone has seen this but according to avalanche studios 720 could be on shelves by 2014.


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who knows, it would be a moronic belief that neither Sony or MS have the Next "next" Gen Console being worked on now behind the scenes, but 2014...a good year and time frame for the next line up of consoles to start being thought of at E3.

Yeah 2013-2014 sounds about right to me. No doubt they've been working on the next gen for a while.

They'll probably announce it at E3 in 2013 and then release it in 2014.

I see them doing what they did with the Slim version...Announce it at E3 and release it soon after, the fact that Kinect has already shown how limited it is outside the US will push MS to get the new console out....just hope game developers will have things ready for the new technology because nothing is more annoying then buying the latest console and still having old gen games to play on it

The Game devs will get the new console dev kits a good year or so before its launch so the games should be on a par with the new system.

no how can they do this after just releasing the connect?

In my eyes they will have to do something pretty spectular in what the console can do to convince me to buy it.

I've really lost faith in Microsoft over the past year or so, although I do not dissaprove of Kinect or dash updates with facebook, twitter etc on them, I think they really dropped the ball with some things like not including Blu-ray in the slim or maybe trying to get the Lovefilm streaming on board.

Also I know they are a US company and have a certain loyalty to that market, but cmon give the rest of the world a fair bite of the apple in what is provided.

yep they will have feel touch sensors