Xbox 720

Dear microsoft,


i been thinking that the xbox 720 should read the xbox 360 games and the original xbox games thank you


sincerly yours




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Ok seriously, I'm wondering why this is becoming such a big deal?

What is the inconvenience of firing up the old console to play? I'm not being a ***, just trying to gauge how often do you play Xbox games?

When I want to play NFS Underground or Sid Mieres Pirates I just bring out my Xbox and play them?

Getting real sick of these threads they should be mark as spam and junked

When the xbox 720 comes out i will be selling my xbox 360 and will just want to have one console. I hope that the 720 lets you play 360 games.

[quote user="Admitedbean652"]Dear microsoft,[/quote]MS doesn't read this forum. If you want to leave Feedback, there are a whole suite of forums to do just that.