Xbox 720 would of been fitting with the 720p native rumors.

Here's a link to why the One is having the resolution issues. It doesn't sway me on buying my Xbox day One but I know allot of people will.


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Xbox One is capable of playing games @ 1080p it's also up to game developers if they want to make games at lower HD resolutions but have better frame rates and textures. I've seen vids from Red tech and he clearly is Pro-PS. He did make some good comments about was it Xbox 360's EDRAM having 10MB and can be used for anti-aliasing when he was comparing in one of his vids between Xbox One and PS4's RAM bandwidth.


Xbox 720 is an ugly name. Xbox 360 + 360 = 720. Xbox 720 sounds cryptic. But Xbox One is an Okay name. I don't know about u, but I wouldn't mind being "One" with Xbox :)

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And if so Microsoft needs to have a war room to respond to this type of misinformation.


[/quote]They shouldn't have to respond to every idiot who owns a blog.  The Xbox One is the biggest gaming thing on the Internet for the past 5 months.  It's "hip" to write up stuff about it in order to get your website more hits/views.

I wanted both initially, but I will undoubtedly play Xbox One 300% more of the time, which means now that online play on PSN has a charge, paying for PS+ AND Xbox Live would be a big waste of money.

Thing I find funny about the console wars is that people that tend to argue hardest and are motivated enough to post in forums like these, are the people most likely to buy both consoles in time. BTW I'm launch X1 all the way.

But an idea for anyone thinking of picking up a PS4 next year like me, get on PS plus now and start getting the PS4 games from the PS store from launch that way when you get your console you should have a nice little stash of PS4 gaming to get stuck in to.

Red tech gaming " blah blah blah ESRAM Blah blah blah BOTTLENECK Blah blah blah COMPUTE Blah blah blah I LOVE SONY.

@feedthemachine you need a better monitor bro

[quote user="Cali Raider 805"]

who cares still gonna be better than the 360, thats good enough for me


This ,a thousand times over !

There just numbers people,and pretty much meaningless unless your 2 feet away from your TV and pause the game to go pixel counting .At 14 feet away i will not notice or care ,still going to look amazing and blow our minds after playing the 360 for years

GDDR3 is the predecessor to GDDR5. Just as DDR2 is the predecessor to DDR3.

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there is no such thing as GDDR3


Actually there is.

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